Monday, February 1, 2010

Disperse Thoughts

I was inside a public car, and two people were argueing. I decided to say something even, for both of them. I said something like:

- If he is angry, please try to slow things down. Don't put more wood to fire! (si él esta guapo, no lo enchinches)

It seems driver understood my message, but passenger doesn't and he said.

- But this crap is not fast enought! (Pero si esta mie%$a no corre!)

Seeing that he insisted in that silly fight, Then I said:

- See? You are wild fire! (Ves? Eres un enchinchador)

In that moment I re-learned the importance of balance, equilibrium and mid-terms... and not to underestimate some (gay?) thoughts about Unity and Love.

- - - - - - - -

In programming, before I knew better practices for coding, I did my programs very fast; but now that I know more about those practices, sometimes I feel either lazy or insecure about my results.

- - - - - - - -

Lin Manuel Miranda - In the heights: "If you want or can write, then write! Nobody will write the story of your dreams!"

Rita Indiana: "No matter what kind of music some musicians play. If we group with different genres, some new style should be born from that!"

Ignacio (Myself... :-D): "Keep all your ideas and thoughts separated (well-stated) and together. It is probable that an idea or solution will come in short time..."

Possibilities are infinite! Or, better said, NEW possibilities WILL appear as time passes by...

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