Monday, February 15, 2010

My praise for The Love Guru

This entry is dedicated to The Love Guru. Here I will put phrases and quotes that promote deep-thinking and inspiration in myself, even with movie's high level of comedy and morbidity.

I am doing this because the fact this movie was high criticized is colliding with all good messages it has. Well, here I go:
  • Into-me-I-see
  • BASIC Instructions Before Leaving Earth
  • D.R.A.M.A.: We must Distract you from your emotional pain, Regress you back to your childhood. We must Adjust your negativity, Mature you, and put it all into Action
  • Maurice, if Plato, Shakespeare and Einstein were talking about the meaning of life, and two elephants started humping outside, even they would rush to the window. It is the ultimate distraction.
  • Good distraction frees us from emotional pain. Bad distraction gives you a mouth full of whizz.
  • Did it smell that bad when you ate it?
  • Fate is a joke ... The joke is in your hands
  • People may say bad things about you, but you must never say bad things about yourself
  • Yeah! You are laughing! You see, you're filled with joy of a child! ... Congratulations, you have been regressed.
  • I have two tattoos. One tattoo is the DRAMA tattoo, which signifies the self-determinist philosophy of the Tugginmypudha Ashram...
  • When love goes wrong, nothing goes right.
  • Songs: "Working 9 to 5" and "More than words"
  • Once you have learned that self-love is more important than being loved by others, you may remove the belt.
  • To know something is good. To do something is God.
  • - Pressure makes diamonds.
    - Pressure also makes rubble
    - And after a good whipping, cream rises to the top.
    - So does scum! (Yin-Yang!)
    - ... You're like the poor man's Deepak Chopra.
    - Game over. (Because of feelings or it got personal?)
  • An eye for an eye leaves everybody blind ... Never watch the bottle ...
  • Remember, being vulnerable is being woundable. I say take the risk.
  • What is the downside of throwing away your fear? The only way out is in.
  • Boyfriend? Girlfriend? (LOL, I have never asked that way!)
  • 3 girls named Ann (LOL)
When later I remember another one, I will add it.

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