Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Why RD does not conceptualize? Because nobody teachs it

What I wished when I wrote Ying Xiong: Broken Sword, I have learned that "Intellectuals" call it Conceptualization.

Venn Euler, Baldor methods, Abstraction ... Vs. Money. I feel human kind is passing into a crossroads where money and quality of life are starting to get into conflicts. Nobody wants to teach something for free, and everybody hates when people start to earn money using things that should be given for free.

In essence, conceptualization consists in trying to find connections or similar features between things are seemingly or evidently different. It is like to find similarities between a Cow and a Building (there's a funny and long Dominican joke relating those two entities) ... the sad part about this definition is that it is considered either too childish or too crazy, but that is what I feel is the essence of conceptualization.

The other sad extreme is Money. Money is a kind of drug, or in order to make a better conceptualization, Money is like Food. Many people find pleasure when overeating. Even some people may think that Food is the only important thing in life... a nice comparison with Money. When improvement of human mind and knowledge depends on Money, everybody who is unwilling to pay will remain stupid, until a Good Samaritan appears... Thoughts like this are born when you try to connect the un-connect-able (i.e. practice conceptualization)

Lack of conceptualization is what keeps people polluting and overpopulating our earth. Thoughts like "Earth is big enough" or "When petroleum run out, then we'll talk about Hydrogen" or even "If I have enough money, everything will be alright" are results of that lack.

Even thoughts like "World will end only for anyone who is dead" can be born from lack of conceptualization.

Note: RD means República Dominicana.

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