Sunday, November 22, 2009

Ying Xiong: Broken Sword

These are one of many dialogs from this movie which made my head dizzy.

I brought this one because it was today that I have already digested it.

Nameless: Great calligraphy.
Broken Sword: Great swordsmanship.
Nameless: You didn't see my swordsmanship.
Broken Sword: Without it, I couldn't have written this calligraphy.

WTF?? What a !@#$%^&* second answer from Broken Sword! I didn't see its relation to the swordsmanship of Nameless until today.

Those are very deep answers. I will love to be able to create that kind of phrases. It seems that, in essence, you need to connect two apparently different topics. If somebody says something about one thing, that could reveal something else about himself. Then, you bring that out, and when he asks you in bewilderment, you will bring your phrase.

If I checked its leading:

I have great calligraphy because I have great swordsmanship. If you are capable of understanding my calligraphy, then you probably can understand my swordsmanship. If you understand it, then you should have great one.

I was focusing on calligraphy, not in literature or meaning of scriptures. If I go that way:

Those are my thoughts after many years of battle. That is the way I really feel. If you find this phrase great, then you had similar sufferings like mine. If your abilities got you as far as understanding this, then they should be great!

But of course, both of them are swordsmen and they talked about calligraphy, maybe not meanings ... I am trying to connect two apparently different topics ... :-D

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