Friday, November 20, 2009

One cow and three pigs

Some years ago, I saw a novel on TV called "Por que diablos" novel. It was a very funny novel. I thought his main actor could never had another chance to do something like this again, until "El Cartel de los Sapos" appeared and rebamped him again!

Well, talking about "Por qué diablos", in that novel there was a very funny scene where the woman of the main protagonist couple was making a psychological test to the main man, who was a prisioner. It was a dialog similar to this one:

- I will show you some paintings and you will tell me what you see.
- Ok. Let's try it.
- What do you see here?
- A cow and one little pig
- Uh. Well, what about this one?
- A cow with two little pigs.
- .... And what about this one... No. Let me guess, a cow and ...
- You are right! three little pigs! You can really read my mind!

LOL, the first time I saw this I thought he was making fun of her psychologist, but now what I am really thinking is that he was trying to seduce her.

When you look at life, you have two ways of taking it: with a lot of responsibility, or a lot of fun. You must take a little from them, or you will end wasted.

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