Sunday, November 8, 2009

Talk #4: Structure or Resolution?

- Women, chess, programming, KOF, ...
- You should try to pull what you don't need from your mind.
- I don't see what solution will it give me if I forget majority of them.
- You need to make room or space in your mind for new things.
- The only thing I see is free space, no new solution or technique.
- If memory is full, where will you put a new program?
- I can't control how to erase information from my mind?
- Like computers, you don't control erasure mechanics, but you know the command!
- LOL, that's a good one! Anyway, I can't see which is the program that will answer my questions.
- Simple. Use all known efective techniques until...
- A problem arises again. urgh. Then what?
- Investigate a little more.
- What if I can't find anything?
- Then you should analyze the problem some more.
- What if I don't have enough time to analyze?
- Do it as you can.
- Then restart all cycle of investigate, analyze, execute.
- !@#$%^&*, Restart the cycle? Didn't you understand that I need to solve my problem, in shortest time possible, and in the best way possible?
- Then, what do you really want? Something perfect, or to solve a problem? Improvements appears with more probability from everything that is done, not from things that are or live inside one's head.
- Nice! Another good one! ... A thought passed across my mind: Has she been awake as I was?
- Oh god! Now you are thinking in women again! What about that problem structure you were talking about? About that woman I will say only this: you need to investigate.
- I don't know if I should laugh, or cry about what you said.
- ...

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