Sunday, November 8, 2009

An art! Not a work!

The word "work" is so general. Look for another more specific word like "program". Work can scare away, but an art, never!

When you say "I have a table to construct", or "A program to create", or "a wall to paint", it sounds and feels too much different than "I have work to do!". This silly phrase is so empty that it makes us want to be away from what we need to do, instead of making us be near and feel appeal for it.

What you do is an art, not a work! Keep this always present in your mind, even if people ridicule it. If you earn money while doing it, you need to feel inspired forever. If not, you will feel bored.

Sometimes I feel that the correct way is to create somewhat false images of things we perceive. Drugs also falsify perceptions.

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