Sunday, November 8, 2009

About martir stories

Lelouch, John F. Kennedy, Darth Vader, Jesus, ... All of their stories goes around the motivation to try to save or fix a country, planet or universe. Even though their motives were full of rightness, somewhat, their means to achieve those goals were not seen good enough for some people. That opposite point of view became hate towards them.

That gives us a nice constant: Anytime you try to do what you think is the best thing, there always will be someone or something that will oppose you. ALWAYS. FOREVER. Sooner or later, it will always appear. It is so sad to get opposition, isn't it?

The only sad way to counter it is to keep going until that dreadful moment in which that opposition becomes great enough to destroy you.

Of course, you can stop what you are trying to do, and try to excel in another area, but then, it will appear again...

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