Sunday, November 8, 2009

Pleasant Vs. Upgrading

Space and time, concrete and abstract, love and intellect, think and act, yes and no, light and dark, ... this is because I don't have a fear of losing what I have got, or throwing myself from a bridge? Is all this insecurity of extremes because of my ignorance of the value that my things have?

These could be existential questions or limits, but although they are so basic and elemental, they keep appearing from time to time, and when I remember that I have ignored them sometime ago and they reappear, I feel shame for myself because my incapacity of generating a correct answer.

But a correct answer to this question is also existential, because nothing stays the same forever. Everything changes. Things either upgrades or degrades themselves. The wish is, things should keep upgrading forever, but this does not happen constantly. Sometimes rarely.

There is no eternal life. Something unpleasant could be needed to upgrade a situation; something enjoyable can degrade or even destroy oneself. Those extremes can generate too much pain and suffering. One could create a Cartesian graph with pleasant and upgrading as axis.

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