Monday, November 16, 2009

Delinquency spoiled everything

If a man looks at a woman, everybody should agree that he feels attraction to her.

That should be the way, but it isn't. Woman's first thought is "Is he a thief?" And she could be right. A gracious problem could be: What does the man really want to steal? Her heart or her money? :-D ... This should be a pleasant activity, not a frightening one.

Delinquency made hitchhiking more difficult for people who want to do it for fun or need.

I understand there are people living because of delinquency, but that is a wrong system and it must be changed.

Are you concerned about losing your incomes because of stopping it? Remember: everything in life gets readjusted when change happens. Inside change, new opportunities and businesses are hidden, but please, don't choose delinquency!!

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