Sunday, November 22, 2009

People are good by nature

No matter what kind of things people have done, are doing, or will do, any of these acts will have a point of view from where you could see them as good acts!! Think about that: killing someone, stealing others, cursing people, taking advantage of anything, ... In some sense, everything what people do could be doing some kind of good! People are doing some kind of favor to themselves, or commonly, to somebody else.

Then, in that particular sense, everybody is good by nature!! It is a very relaxing phrase to remember when you find people who try to smash you in any way; but, as you know, nothing is 100% perfect, and I will put the example of two people: a thief and someone with almost no money and a family. But even thieves have family!! So, these two people encounter themselves Who will prevail? What happens when opposite acts interferes between themselves? Then, sadly, it comes to the Nature Law that says "the stronger one survives, and weaker one dies."

And that last law is really true, no matter if the strength is material, or spiritual ...

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