Friday, November 20, 2009

Programming what you don't want

I hate to program what I don't want. It is hard to adapt PHP to a design. My solution possibly may not be OOP.

Well, at least I will try to make it flexible. Template pattern is a real procedure inside an OOP method.

As I re-read previous two lines, now I am recalling that maybe all inconveniences I have on my programs may fit on some of those Gang Of Four's Design Patterns, but I need to read and compare my solutions.

I think that problems in adopting OOP for me has been because I have not a very deep comparison of OOP Design Patterns Vs. Structural/ Procedural Designs, because a software like Unix was created without OOP in mind (in that time, I think), and it is still great software.

We really need more motivation to move on, because only the idea itself or money are not enough to move us. I think what is missing can be something universal, something of meaning, that can be used in any skill you want to improve.

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