Sunday, November 22, 2009

Design Vs. Code

Design shows a "better" or "ideal" way to achieve a solution.
Code can alert that a design needs possible or inevitable improvements.

From concrete (code) to abstract (design)? People push Design too much, even after they try the first prototype, and when they see the mess of code, they swallow down that fact and keep pushing Design! Design and Code are very tied together. To think in design first is really usefull, but I have found many obstacles when coding that were not evident when designing.

I personally believe that Design is the first filter for a good application, but it does not means that your application will have the best structure. But if you reduce context of application maybe ... The catch is, when context gets bigger, application should evolve or be replaced.

There were statements, then they where grouped by functions/subroutines/procedures. These functions then grouped by classes/objects. Now, those classes are grouped by namespaces/packages... What will come next?

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