Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Victim or aggressor?

From time to time, we become victim or aggressor of any kind of act that we hate too much.

About smashing people's happiness.
About telling people's secrets.
About doing what we said we hate.
About doing what we said we will never do in our lives.

Even if it is somewhat a mechanism of defense, a way of punishment, a consecuence from our acts, or else, one way or another, we end asking ourselves if what we are doing is good or have any worth.

Oh God! Is this the only way? Is this an universal truth? Have you felt that way in the beginning of everything You (and/or we) have done? Scriptures says "Don't kill", but in those same Scriptures there have been several murders at great scale in Your Name.

Do we need to live and cope with that double moral everytime? Well, my (temporal) conclusion about this topic is similar to another one I extracted from a special chapter I read from a C++ pdf: "Analyze all good things you can do if you act that way, and use it to sugar-coat all those prejudices."

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