Sunday, November 8, 2009

Affections make me creative

If I am hungry of affections, and it appears a piece I can bite, I start talking alone, generating ideas, and wanting to share those ideas, ... That last one is the failure. It is not the next step, but I don't know which is.

(20091130.2210) Of course! Why didn't I think about it when I started this entry? Sharing ideas is not a step, but a hindrance. The real step is making those ideas real and concrete! When they exist, people can check them and their feedback will tell you if that idea really matters. People only need to see it. Even you can decide if that concreted idea can be useful to yourself! It should be useful to somebody if it worths the effort.

Don't stop giving life to ideas, even after that piece of affection ends. Keep walking... or searching affections! ;-)

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