Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Bad things about women (Note)

Note: Don't get me wrong: women are the best complementation to a man, and viceversa. With a woman, we are so powerful, that we can create life naturally. To caress, hug and kiss a woman is the most pleasant activity that might exist the life of a man... nevertheless, as a programmer that I am, I feel sad when I need to solve a problem, but solution can't enter in my mind because that mind is entirely occupied by a beautiful image of a woman.

I have grouped three bad things about women:

Money: women love to feel good. You can say nice things, kiss, hug and caress them. You can even have a walk with them, maybe something more... the point is, at any point of a relation you should make "gifts", or to spend something to visit places like cinemas, amusement parks, or else. Most common way to spend money is via phone calls. I don't know how often this point arrive in a relation, but I can tell that either she or you will feel sad if you can't make some of her dreams come true.

Time: friends, jobs and extra work, learning, studying or practicing something, or simply a time to breath. If, for some reason, any of these moments collides with the need to be with you that your woman could have, she will begin thinking things like: "You don't give me any time", "You don't love me" or "You have another girl". At this point, it is probably that you use your so needed time and give it to her. It's sad.

Mind: have you and your girl ever been disgusted? Have you tried to do a little work with your mind in that state? Oh God! It's so difficult to get good results when your mind is totally occupied by a woman. No matter if you are delight or worried, a woman in your mind CAN remove your focus from where you need it to be.

These three excuses could be used as a source of motivation also, but in my case, when I think in a woman, the only thing I wish to do in that moment is to be with her, even I have important duties pending.

What to do?

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