Thursday, November 26, 2009

Java is losing me

Java teachings always shows the hard way from the start. And they try to make it "softer" via IDE.

Java teachings love to complicate matters. I mean, we need to learn the fastest way to generate useful results using as lesser resources as possible. If you only think about big enterprises, that's fine, but what do you leave to all dreamers in our world?

Flexibility is thrown as trash. You start learning things like Three-Tier and MVC, but NO IDE does refactoring or code generation taking account of those structures, or if they do it, that knowledge seems to be kept top secret.

If I have an idea of a program, and it seems complicated to me to implement, I feel like doing an unwanted abortion. I am not saying that childbirth is easy, but procreation is not that difficult. Children are always born naked, then its parents provide them with all what they might need.

Although it seems long, Bradley Kjell did a really good job teaching Java, no like those too verbose Java Tutorials which frighten instead of appeal (Duke holds pencil like a sniper rifle, LOL)

Oh, my child programs ...

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