Sunday, November 8, 2009

Karma, Reincarnation, Tortures

I think people are afraid of dying because of accumulated bad karma, and to reincarnate as an insect. In my case, I am afraid of torture of any kind, even torture of feelings.

The author of Life of a Webmaster once said that he thinks (or maybe he is sure) that we can fix our karma in our current life. After I thought about it, I feel it is really possible and acceptable to accumulate good karma also because, if bad acts create bad karma, then what should good acts create?

About that reincarnation thing, if our current world have a mechanism of total control of people at a global or mundial scale, why that great and powerful force which created the universe and which we actually call God, will not have Its own mechanism to keep this (or His) universe protected from bad beings?

I always wish to be far away from tortures, and if I will die, I wish it pass quickly; but as this is a world of sorrows, it is probable that too much suffering awaits me. I will keep pushing as much as I can, or like. :-|

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