Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Feelings: like bacterias

Shame, fear, pain, hatred, sadness, ...
Pride, desire, pleasure, love, happiness, ...

Which one is tied to what? Feelings are tied to acts, or vice versa? (you act because you feel, or you feel because you act?)

One group of feelings which we usually call Bad Feelings, commonly hide ideas, suggestions, opportunities and possible experiments. (When you want to hit someone: normally, there is a better idea than that)

The other group of feelings which we call Good Feelings, like to be hidden inside places where they should not, or in the wrong place. (When you love the wrong girl)

Feelings need to be fed up with something, or they will eat whatever they like the most. (Like hatred towards an old friend)

You should find any type of feeling and assign to each one something to work on: something to love, or hate, or desire, or fear, etc.

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