Sunday, November 8, 2009

Love? Money? Yin-Yang!

I have been on Sleeplessness many times for specific topics like project organization and a women. At some extend, I think solution to these problems may be related to Money or Love.

I got a revelation! Money and Love may compose each half of a Yin-Yang! Think about it: a pink half versus a gold half. If you immerse inside one of them, at some point you will wish a little of the other. There are many ways in each one of them can conclude. Which is the correct one? Each one has defects and failures.

"Por Amor" by Arcangel, talks about how a man ask to everybody about the meaning of Love. I could try to do the same, but nobody has the ultimate anwer, so it seems the only good answer is the one you develop yourself, even if there are people who don't share your points of view.

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