Sunday, November 22, 2009

Offense=Ideas, Pain=Motivation

If people ridicule you, and you feel offended, please check the reason and their act, because it seems there are ideas hiding inside them.

Examples: You are laziest in your job. You are ugly. You will have "luck" with a woman today... If you feel bad when hearing similar things, then congratulations!! You have spotted a flaw in your system! Now, your task is to find the best way to correct it, or to take advantage of it!

You need to feel enough pain, in order to rise your standards and force you to move in the direction you want.

Examples: when you finish off a bad relationship, or when you setup long-term goals because you want to improve your actual status.

If you feel alright with your actual status, then you won't never see a reason to improve it. If there are no problems, then there is nothing to get better, isn't it?

Learn to hate your actual status until you got what you want. Then, repeat the process again. To accomplish new and great goals, you will need new and great efforts.

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