Monday, November 30, 2009

Broken Trust

Heroes: when Niki didn't want to show Jessica to psychologist, or when Claire confessed that her father Bennett erased her mother's memories. The help they wished never came, but the one they didn't want had occurred.

People want to hear the truth, only to make us feel bad or, even worse, damage us. They insist too much in their efforts to convince us to open our hearts to them. We know we don't like to do that because people may hurt our feelings, but they play their roles so well that they achieve us to feel confident about them.

Oh holy crap! What a bad feeling when after we talk openly to them, they crush our feelings by doing exactly what we didn't want them to do.

Secrets are not only a need, they are duty! Never open your heart if people can't open theirs for you.


  1. This though may be true, but how do we know when people really open their heart to us? What if its just a lie to make us feel comfortable?

  2. What do you feel when debugging a program? Or when you try to win a match in King Of Fighters? Or when someone has a different point of view than yours? My answer to your question will generate a similar feeling: Keep testing and asking until what you want (or what they don't want) becomes evident. An interesting reaction is what they do when you make them exhausted. It is hard a way but is good enough, and it has an advantage: See