Monday, November 16, 2009

Hierarchy of women

I find that is easy to have a talk with a woman if you go towards a defined hierarchy to reach her attention:

- Talk to people she respects (parents or tutors).
- Talk to people she will listen (work or class mates).
- Talk to her friends first.

It feels like Token+Grammar programming, like Government, like Army, like the theory of filters in the universe... A message will pass through people which filters it, and then answer is filtered back to you!

This excess of beings between you and she is annoying, but is good path, because they may help you to convince her, although they may have their price...

Although I don't like to use intermediaries, I can't deny this path makes it more probable to have a contact, and is less painful to receive a NO in this process than to receive it directly from her. :-(

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