Sunday, November 8, 2009

Why do feelings exists?

Why do we need to feel? Is there a way to turn off that !@#$%^&* for a little time, though?? Don't You see it interferes with my learning and development? Is that fact inevitable, even for You, God??

Ok, it seems they are fuel that makes our our being to move to specific directions, but they tend to move us to any other direction except the one we want. This is because each feeling have an specific goal, aim or limit.

God, do You have these inconveniences also? If so, why won't you share them with us? Are you so proud to admit it? is the goal of feelings too difficult for us to comprehend? If they are too difficult for us, why do we ought to suffer their complexity? Have you forgotten these answers and are you trying to make us find it for you?

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