Monday, November 30, 2009

Leaving evidence of our existence?

I saw a movie called "All Is Illuminated". This story talks about a boy who want to find a person who was deeply related to his grandparents. Somewhere in the movie a group of people talk about a woman who, in the past, threw a ring with the purpose of leaving evidence of her existence. As a woman thinks about how they have gathered, she said "The ring is not here by us; We are here by the ring!"

Interesting. Is it possible that some artifacts of us contain a part of our soul after we are dead, and then these artifacts start calling people related to us, or at least with same anguishes we had in our previous life? I don't know, but many great people in the past made their best effort to leave great evidence of their existence in this planet. What for? For next generations to take advantage of them? Come on! Humans are selfish! I suspect there is something hidden inside those evidences left in the past.

The only thing that pass through my mind is: Reincarnation!

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