Sunday, November 8, 2009

It seems cheating is necessary

Minority report movie: even in that "perfect" system, there are people who try to cheat.

In that movie, an old man sacrificed a fortune-teller girl's mother in order to use that girl's abilities to create a system to predict future murders!! And when he tried to incriminate the protagonist, he discovered that old man's crime.

Don't you see how nasty is to create an invention? In order to create something good, you have to ignore or destroy or spend something or someone, Bigger inventions, bigger sacrifices.

Cheating is the fastest way to get good results, but it never meant to be that easy, I suppose. Nevertheless, many people are attracted to cheat others. I hate to cheat, but I am starting to believe that cheating is needed to maintain equilibrium in Universe.

You can surely identify how we have accepted some cheats. For example: Who are God's parents?

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