Monday, November 30, 2009

Create & Upgrade

Some time ago, parents decided which person will marry their sons and daughters, then Love appeared. After it, a son or daughter decided who will marry them; things got bad and then Divorce appeared; then friends appeared and after it, Infidelity was born... At the end, it was not about Love, but Interest.

Love is super-estimated. There is no such a thing as Unconditional Love. People give to it too much value than it actually has, because it is the feeling most similar to the one that really matters. Love is an usurper, an appropiator.

The most important feeling is the one that moves you to upgrade and improve your actual situation and limits. The famous Love is an obstacle, an hindrance that tries to make you stay like and where you are; but the real feeling what I am talking about makes you think how to improve everything in your life.

Create and Upgrade are the best feelings out there. The others are branches that sprout from them. But sincerely, everthing has a coherent refutation. Because women REALLY love to create children and upgrade their education, even if they are not the best teachers, they really want to.

Some examples of things in my life that I always keep trying and thinking how to Create and Update are knowledge, job opportunities related to my abilities and likes, independent life, and this list will never end. There is always something new to learn...

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