Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Her silence and my guessings!


What do you want? What would you like me to do? What things are spinning inside your mind? Do you wish something? Did I say something wrong? Don't you want to talk to me? Did I do a bad thing to you? Don't you love me? ... !@#$%^&*, Say something, woman!!

It seems they really believe in clairvoyance, because a female workmate said me that "women like men which can surprise them" Oh, holy !@#$%^&* If that is so easy, then I could use a mask from Scream movie, and try to give her a real surprise! Maybe their heart could recieve that "surprising shock" that they wish.

"You are not connected to me. That is essential in a relationship." Oh my !@#$%^&* God! Of course it is, woman! But telepathy is not essential, !@#$%^&*!! I can't use telepathy. I can only use my !@#$%^&* tongue to talk to you!! How will I know what do you really want?

Sometimes I think that women really want a blue prince coming on a beautiful white horse and taking her to a great castle (or a rich man on a Hummer taking her to their mansion), but as her couple cannot give it to her, they prefer to keep it silence because we can think they are materialistic... !@#$%^&*! What about all of us, men! We will really love to marry a very rich lady which can, instead of a marriage ring, buy me a Mercedes, BMW or a Jaguar!!

Women, some men have a REALLY hard time trying to understand what things do YOU really want. Are you really wanting that your boyfriends become that optimal "blue prince", or do you really enjoy seeing us becoming crazy? :-|

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