Monday, December 7, 2009

Vices of information and corrections

Why is fun to read and write about many things, and not work about many things? Possibly the hustle to find the correct path and avoid mistakes!

I like read about origin of universe, about etymology, projects, game analogies of OOA&D, etc, and write about my thoughts about them.

Providing ways of storing and retrieving information (data size and process speed) is a must, a need for everyone. Because we humans forget things too easily.

Maybe our personal encrypting code can be related to square roots. They are something useful up to value of digits we should take as negligible, and use that very imprecise value (like the square root of two: you round it to an error level you could accept, not to its real value)

There exists on me a bad habit of trying to correct many things in life but all aspects that needs corrections on my actual work (should I say Art). I will elaborate on "Corrections to Art" in some future. For now, I will think about how silly is to waste time not on my ultimate goals.

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