Monday, December 14, 2009

Origin and Source: The key to overcome habits

Why on earth do we fall in love? I suffer when love not corresponded or totally ignored. Ah! I think God is looking for a good answer to this problem also! Nevertheless, we all have a desire or a need to find someone to have a blissful exchange of feelings.

Why is so hard to move all that Love to a more profitable or beneficial objective and keep that feeling only focused to that objective, and avoid it to look to another place? Improvement. We all want to improve our current situation, but we need to have our eyes wide open to be able to catch any great alternatives which can arise.

Everything can have the ability to help us improve our situation. Then, why does that silly Love come up towards that thing? It seems that my Love filter is somewhat damaged, but how could I repair it?

The Freedom Of Choice book talks about a filter related to suppression of development and free will. Then is probable that you should follow that line of thought if you want to improve your Love filter.

Could a good filter be "Are you married?" Ah, to make someone to really notice you takes time. It is possible to make people think about you, but it takes time. Now that I am talking about it, I think that hatred is generated by the indifference that people shows to everyone.

Love in Times of Cholera talks about an interesting aspect of time you will spend trying to win the heart of someone you love. After the time needed to accomplish every stated condition passes away, it is possible that your previous feeling of Love had lost any sense of existence and importance. Like City Of Angels movie, after Angel becomes human for the one he loves, something terrible happens.

Another thing I need to filter are things that make me feel that love. Beautiful, sympathetic and attractive women, my desire of physical contact, and the fact that women sometimes show a not so clear interest in me ... Oh! What a fool I am! I am confusing Courtesy with Interest! :-(

Wow, I am really feeling that I am doing my regression towards my childhood character. The fact that people misinterpret a pleasant gesture from a woman as interest, is a vice. That nice gesture is Courtesy!

The very moment when I "learned" about "falling in love", in that very moment I started to confuse everything women do, like friendship and courtesy.

Another one: I think that when I played "Mom and Dad" with a blond and green eyed girl when I was eight years old, in that moment I got my sexual desire and appeals distorted.

A conclusion to which I have arrived is this: We should really find and study the source and origin of our problems and vices that we want to solve. The key for solving them is locked and hidden inside the origin and source of them.

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