Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sucess = People - Hatred

What kind of things I need to think to focus everything in my life in only one objective?
  • What you do is Art. Feel proud about it
  • Feel excitement about your goal
  • Do what is more probable to be a success
  • People are important to achieve your goal
  • Divide and Conquer
  • Think about and do only one thing at a time
  • Do at least 1% of your goal everyday.
But, if you check this list, the only two feelings than can be near to Happiness are Pride and Excitement. Personally, I don't like to think about Happiness, because I am easily seduced by it, and it makes me forget important things like "Problems will always exists" or "Little inconveniences may grow up". If you want to be Happy, you must act the Blind about faults. Also, sometimes you need to do things what you hate to achieve things what you want or love. For example, everyday you wake up early and go to work, but you can't imagine doing by free, because money can help you to get or keep things you want or love. Sometimes, when you want new friends, you should act the fool.

I am trying to make the path to my goal more pleasant, but there are people which defends too much their point of view, instead of making corrections about them. If you show a fault on my view, yours may have faults as well. This is similar to people who defends their kids even if they did the wrong thing. It is disgusting. When you thing about how people ignore or reject your ideas, instantly you perceive that to think only about your goal is not enough motivation.

Motivation must be daily renewed. I thought that sex without compromise could be enough to keep me in good mood, but I need to spend too much money to keep doing it... Oh God! I can keep a daily motivation by trying to love people!

- But isn't it acting the fool when you love people without taking into account knowledge and convictions about them?
- Look, whatever you do in your life will generate Love, Hatred, or any other feeling that is descendant from one of them, but YOU can control the way YOU feel.
- Well, this is good, but now I am wondering why this knowledge about Love and Hatred is still not enough for me to be focused on my goal.

Things you do can make other people to feel angry, or people can make the fun of you too. Also, people can do things that can make you feel angry! This is a paradox! What I do can bring Hatred, and what people do can make me feel Hatred. So, now is clear why Happiness is the easiest path if you choose to be blind. There is no challenge in it. The REAL challenge is to cope with omnipresence of suffering in every path you choose, and how hard is to keep going forward with suffering accompanying you wherever you go.

Loneliness. This is a perception I have developed recently. "Nobody has interest in me, and everything I do make people to hate me; if someone likes me, either they feel shame about others knowing their appeal to me, or they try to take advantage of what I can do." This is because Love is a great goal, but I can't set up low or easy obstacles to myself to achieve it. Big goals need big efforts.

People are the raw material of success, because you can reach it by thinking about people, but as the premise I developed, people hate you. Then, your efforts must be focused to exchange Hatred that your beloved people feel about you for Appreciation, at least. This is because they really can help you to be successful.

To feel Pride about my goal? To work hard to achieve it? To have patience to withstand shortcomings? To pray a little and depend on luck? You need much time to do all of these things! Also, there are people who hates or will hate you... Then you should act in a way you can increase the estimation that people have about you. Oh, then should I act the fool? In life, there are moments when you should act the fool; and others when you try not to do it. Anyway, if what you did is good enough, besides Experience, you will also win Appreciation.

But although this is a great analysis, Yin-Yang always exists, and in this case, dark side appears when people ignores everything you do and are convinced that you are a waste of time, or in my case, they are not interested in what you say because she thought I was wrong...

But it is really funny and can make you happy when you re-read what you have written one, three, six or twelve months ago!

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