Monday, December 7, 2009

Invisible energy from other beings

Mechanisms to avoid suffering. Everybody hates suffering. When you are not motivated, you feel sad and might suffer too.

I talked with a friend and I got motivated! I knew he was going to say many unpleasant things, but nevertheless, I got motivated!

I think there is an energy that fluids when there is communication. If that is so, then we people are underestimating the power of interaction between living beings.

Last night, I was thinking about that, when suddenly, a pretty girl threw a sight to me! I got motivated enough to write the next "verse": (LOL)

If you briefly look at me,
the happiest man I'll be,
'cause in that very lil' second,
your life is focused on me.
Si me miras brevemente,
seré el hombre mas felíz,
pues en ese pequeño segundo,
tu vida se enfoca en mí.

Beauty is so fantastic and magnificent, but eyes say too much!! It's painful not to dominate language of eyes!

You must be proud of what you do, or you will lose your motivation.


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