Thursday, December 31, 2009

Pool of Great Memories

Why do things never happen exactly as I predicted them? (like when I want talk about something with people) I think people are interested in what I say, but they don't pay enough attention; maybe these events happen to me to forget waiting for things to happen, and to become more active and look for them.

I need to meditate about my arts and goals, but also I need to learn from my mistakes, like the common one related to depend too much on people; even for this kind of problem I can create a Prototype or Main-Logic to get along with it (for example, I will ignore anyone who doesn't give me at least a learning benefit) Main-Logic needs to be simple and to-the-point, but how to treat with this ever-changing world or future?

No matter what path or art you choose, complications will be always exists, temptations will be always exists... (sex, parties, drinks, games, ...) Some people seem to have less inconveniences in their lives than others, and I call this thing Luck: some people are born with it; others must build their own one.

There is a quote that says "Depression is like a pool full of mug, in which we willingly take dips". We must build our own pool full of great memories related to your situation or goal in which we should take a dip from time to time. Sometimes decisions are hard to take, but these memories will inspire you enough to withstand them. And also, when you start rejecting things from your life, you magically start to find enough courage to do things you were silly afraid of (like to practice English with north-Americans)

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