Thursday, December 17, 2009


Sometimes I wish I could communicate with animals, but it seems it is impossible. Some humans ignore whatever I say, then animals should ignore much more than humans. I will say things like "get out of here", because I don't want to kill them, but it seems there is no option.

It would be interesting to talk to them telepathically, but they could ignore messages or feel offend by that "privacy invasion". There is no pride. I am almost sure anyone who defends privacy is because is hiding shameful facts, or is defending himself from people with bad intentions. Are you seeing the vice cycle?

From human right, to self-defense mechanism, to copyright-infringement, and eventually to principal ingredient of world's blockage, because some groups will use the ability to dominate light, atoms and gravity to earn monetary benefits or kill others.

Overpopulation, excessive consumption of natural resources, pollution, poverty... This obscurity of knowledge is destroying our world. Minority is not interested to make the first step, because they don't see "their" benefits of sharing that information.

In math, irrational numbers are a mystery and I think they can help cryptography... But secrets create distrust, and within trust is the danger. What a paradox! How world would be if there are no secrets, and all people using telepathy, with a strong desire to love and improve everything? Well, I think to continue to share this way to think all over the universe could be a next step, but as a Dominican president said: "There is still too much to be done!".

The idea of not providing enough help is not buying me completely. Why should we humans receive help only one time each two thousand years? Why do we need to suffer all these disadvantages without any help? To give value to knowledge? To eternally study origin of everything?

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