Friday, December 18, 2009

What is the Meaning of Happiness?

If we forget about all qualities of something we are trying to understand, and we focus on a very specific quality, we can arise to a new concept, at least for us. For example, the language alphabet is from A to Z, the math alphabet is from 0 to 9, but combinations of digits and/or letters are infinite!! But what about feelings' alphabet?

When I look at an engaged couple, I get an unpleasant feeling. This feeling is a mix of Happy=Blind, envy, anger, sadness, shame,... I believe this feeling is a mix of everything, and it is accented by the fact that couples really enjoy feel this way about them, specially women; although this is not rare, because women are very sentimental and emotional. If only I could put those silly feelings out of me...

Happiness or Meaning? No matter what path you choose to achieve something in your life, it's your commitment and decision to that chosen path what is really important. Euphoria, anger, aggressiveness, certainty, constancy, security, decision... Even if you choose a wrong path or run away from it, accept this fact and choose another alternative with the same intensity. Even if your path is insecure, you should show attachment and devotion to whatever your goal is.

Andre Maurois said something like this: "There is no key for success. Theories fall down in front of practice. Everything you can achieve is reduced to Luck and a Long Patience."

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