Thursday, December 3, 2009

Fail early. Fail often.

Another synonyms in my area of work are "Try earlier, try often", "Release earlier, release often" and "Test earlier, test often". These are REALLY useful advices to keep in mind, believe me.

Don't let it grow without proper watching. If you think a seed has fallen on the way, please treat it as soon as possible. Don't let it sprout and become an obstacle in your way in a near future.

Also, if you are trying to accomplish something, try to do it very fast. This way you can test more possibilities and learn more from each of them.

I was asking to my aunt about how her relationship with her boyfriend started. She said: "Everyday, he and I encounter on the way to our jobs. One day, he asked me two questions: 1) Are you married? 2) Could I have your phone number?".

Too fast! well, not as fast as "Since the fist time I sought you, I felt in love for you", but fast enough to show her what he is really looking for.

About work arts, specially when doing prototypes, it is good to avoid wasting time on erroneous ideas and learn from them. If there are many of those types of ideas, you should test all of them in order to learn quickly.

There is still many areas of our life that needs tons of trials and errors, so put your hands on whichever you like the most. Also, You must completely reject the idea to stop thinking, analyzing... or asking!! ;-D

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