Thursday, December 24, 2009

Encouragement still missing

I was recalling a list of things I want to keep always with me, because they help me to make better decisions (1%, people, music, sketches, main logic, pleasant art, leisure, my own style, infancy dreams ...) until I thought about these one: To do a main logic prototype in way that can be corrected or upgraded! Good idea, because EVERYBODY likes to make corrections, and I am not the exception! What I need to do is to create my objective in a very limited way, then that finished product will prompt me to make improvements for it.

To add your own ideas inside old ones is not bad also. In Bakuman manga, Eiji Niizuma, a mangaka, thought about using super-villain's cliché: at the end of a great battle, it becomes a protagonist's good friend; Also, in Pluto manga, Gesicht, a robot-detective, asked advice to Brau-1589, a imprisoned robot-criminal; but the way these mangas use these clichés is an interesting way to merge them with good and new ideas, not rejecting them.

The best way to think seems to be also the best way to act. In your mind you set up filter and motivators. The first time I thought about filters was when I was reading The Freedom Of Choice. Before that book, and some years after I read it, I kept calling filters as Defense Mechanisms for things like: emotions or feelings, information, for playing fighting games like chess and King Of Fighters, to flirt or reject some women, and recently for form validation and program maintenance. Sometimes these kind of filters seems to primitive and archaic/old-world, but they are like food: they are old enough, but still do their job, and they do it very, very well.

Talking about my women's filter (and I use that filter for some people too), I can say something: I like when people ask me things they what: if I can give them what they want, I do; if not, I help them it what is possible for me; but many people gets upset when I can't help them... Hey, now that I am thinking about this, I get upset when I can't get what I want either! I feel bad when I ask for a favor, but people say me "No" without explaing why ... Women are that way. If a man can provide women with Health, Wealth and "Love", women can become easy. Is there another thing better than this Holy Trinity?

This means that filter I chose is good, because I discovered some aspects of me that are very similar to aspects I really hate on others. Abraham Lincoln used "All men are created equal" quote too much, and when I started to notice inside me those faults that I don't like from people, I feel everybody had suffered for same thing I did, in some moments of their lives.

But, even with all these knowledge and revelations, I can't still generate inside me that feeling of encouragement which can make anyone to blindly follow a path, and use that encouragement in whatever goal I want or choose.

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