Saturday, December 12, 2009

What an unrequited love can make us do

Engagement is a kind of relationship in where at least one of their members is afraid of infidelity. Women are a raw material that moves this capitalism. They "proclaimed" their "Female Freedom", but only for very specific things, although there are always exceptions. They still insist that men have some obligations and duties... WTF?

The more beautiful the woman, the more money you will spend on her, or bigger your mishaps or her vanities after getting married with her.

All women believe in magic, telepathy and clairvoyance to the point that, if a man is not able to "connect" with them, he is instantly rejected for not being the "ideal" one. Materialistic women are comprehensible, because they reject "low-class" men.

Homo, penny-pinching, antisocial, boring, silly. That is how women discriminate people who think this way. It is not my fault that they can't interpret Universal Love.

Material prove is only important if there is connection between a couple; the !@#$%^& thing is, if I simply say "She doesn't love me", that desire of being loved comes back to divert me from my goals!

Is there any woman that really loves me? You see, I still keep that wrong idea of "Love at first sight", or the one that says "There is a special woman for you in the world". Those ideas tempt people to waste their times waiting. Even if they are true, you don't have a good method to identify them. Do you still believe in magic?

Thinking about women and this blog really takes my time. Although this blog helps me to keep a reminder of all my motivations and mistakes. Women consumes money and time, but it seems there is some mighty evil reason that keeps me from pulling them out of my mind. Reasons like consuming much money, being greedy, superficiality, thinking in fantasies, these are not enough for pulling women out of my head. Is sex or physical contact really that powerful?

Ok. It's the carnal desire that I need to suppress. Again, I am not saying I am homo or penny-pinching, it is because money and time is needed to do things the way women like it, and I don't have enough yet. Every woman is the same: they like when engagement goes slow, but when it comes to marriage ... I need something capable of removing or greatly reducing that desire, and move my focus on other goals. That energy can be more productive in other aspects of my life.

Let's suppose you find the way to focus on any goal you desire, and either you succeed or fail on some of them. In the end, you would like to have someone to share all your achievements. This is highly probable; nevertheless, I REALLY wish to focus all my life in only one goal at a time and forget all wasteful things that appears on its way. But in reality, you need to have to focus on at least three simultaneous goals: job, dreams and life.

Many things of my life can be corrected with money. It will be great if I can focus on three goals at the same time and to be able to throw away those fears of too much work , or obstacles, or restarting again. Also, I really wish those goal paths more pleasant and enjoyable.

Women feel is not enough with SMS or monthly visits. Every women is not that way, but is normal that women complain about these things in exactly those moments when you can't really do it, and then women start their drama.

No matter how intelligent or beautiful a woman could be, they make you spend money and time. I don't have a great ability to seduce, and I'm even less capable at long term. If I were handsome enough, women could throw themselves at me.

Some people say there could be some people over there really interested in you. If that is true, then I should know it, but I don't. For that reason, I believe in chaperon method (somebody who is a messenger between a couple), because we could be wasting our time if we are not sure that any of us is really feeling something special. And I don't know why, but it is easier and funny to say to people: "Hey, that person over there is in love for you!"

If I really want to refocus that energy then I should exercise it everyday, trying to forget it and thinking more about new goals. Everybody does sacrifices to keep their life style, so should I. But I want to remove the fear to restart wrong paths.

Even though there is a special positive energy that emanates from contact between people, that energy doesn't avoid me to feel upset when I hear some unpleasant comments. Should I be alone? Should I ignore people?

Of course not! There is nothing important in this world that is no related to people in some way. People always make spontaneous critics, or specific critics about things you say or do. It can be unpleasant, but is the best source of corrections and it prompts you that there is still a lot of work to be done.

Also, you should feel happy about people who ridicule you because, as Arthur Schopenhauer said, the next step after a truth has been ridiculed, is to give it a violent opposition. In addition, there are people who appreciate and want to keep contact with you. For these reason, you should stop feeling upset for any unpleasant things some people say about you or your actions, and keep focused on your goals.

As an added bonus, you can also note that, when people make critics about you, not only they open a communication channel to you, but they also focus part of their lives on you. This fact alone can generate a happiness similar to friendly and gracious critics.

Well then, everything is good depending on which way we see it. If that is really true, then our eyes need much water and soap to clean them, or an ophthalmologist to put us on treatment, because that goodness is commonly ignored when there are problems. In my case, I am myopic ;-D

Our eyes live for themselves. They look to anything they like. They have autonomy to look at attractive things. Accidents exist and this is one. Learn to live your life taking into account the possibility to be really distracted by beautiful things.


  1. Full of $#!%, eh? =) If you count paragraphs, they are exactly 23 SMS. Now I know that I can elaborate an idea between 3 and 6 SMS ;-)

  2. Oops, not 23. It seems 3 were fused :(

  3. Lol, you're right. Thanks God for free SMS. :P