Thursday, December 31, 2009

Holocausts Meta-Messages

Yesterday I saw Watchmen movie, and I started to think about stories I have seen, which I believe they have a meta-message hidden within them:
  • Japan Atomic Bombs
  • 911 TwinTowers
  • Pluto: Bora Project Final Objective
  • Naruto Manga: Konoha Destruction
  • Heroes Series: New York Destruction
  • Code Geass Anime: Freiyer Bomb
  • Watchmen Movie: Mr. Manhattan Bomb
  • The Day Earth Stood Still: Klaatu Menace
  • The Day After Tomorrow
  • 2012
Do humans really change their points of view after holocausts and catastrophes? Is this the only way to make a global change to all of our ways of thinking? History has proven that events like these can really change world-wide appreciation of problems and things.

Nah! It seems a good excuse to reduce our world's overpopulation! If we really want to broadcast a message, we should find better ways than to do mass-murdering.

But Thiaooubians say "Accidents Happen", so maybe Luck is involved.

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