Thursday, December 17, 2009

Suffering is a must!

Is giving value to adquired knowledge the only reason for which I should suffer and seek answers by myself? Even after all gift I have received in my life I keep suffering.

People are important, but people like to make others suffer because of material profit. Good friends are hard to find, but in the end, is that tiny 1% effort that you do what is really helpful.

About that 1% effort, it should be a very silly action that you will feel a lot of shame if you don't do it. An action on which your pride is bigger that the failure. It should be a very brief and quick action.

Could it be that God is also seeking a better answer to these questions and He wants help? It could be a good reason to suffer, but it is difficult to believe if God is omni sapient. To create a beautiful and attractive material reality is really good to bring someone's attention, but in my thoughts, is probable that God still wants to improve this method of attracting people and some new alternatives of doing it.

I can't see a better reason for The One with the greatest knowledge of universe, to want to make us live a life with suffering. I can't believe to learn something is necessary to suffer for it, although if the knowledge is good, some people will look for it and try to ignore suffering.

Even if the purpose is to love and improve, everybody suffers when is ignored. And if one tries to keep improving and go forward, there are people who believe that you do it for arrogance.

Ignored, despised, rejected. I don't like people to suffer this, but it seems that to improve, is necessary to ignore: To do what you hate in order to get what you love.

Because how absurd this looks, I thing God wants ideas and help, but if "Everything is an oscillation" is an universal truth, then feelings are not exempt of this law.

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