Monday, December 14, 2009

Is suffering inevitable?

Is it possible to obtain the total knowledge of the universe without withstanding tons of suffering? Yes, that is possible, but what is the probability to achieve all that knowledge without having some kind of problems?

Even if the locksmith which guards the key of the Source of Knowledge can offer it to you, you should show him that you are capable of doing a REALLY good use of it. For example, if you pass through any kind of suffering, you must rip off any feelings of revenge, and move towards a total development and improvement of your life.

I think that a little suffering is needed in order to give more value to anything you could achieve. But this could be the same as "If you are not jealous, then you don't love", then this can be somewhat absurd. Over-possession is not good.

Suffering is an obstacle that appears all over the way to any kind of success you are trying to achieve. But remember that Universal Love and Eternal Improvement of our life are excellent goals, and each one has its own levels of tolerance and acceptance ...

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