Monday, April 27, 2009

The straight line is not the only best way

There are many paths to reach a point. Although the optimus path is the straight line, or straight-like lines, there are also many other paths: long, curly and puzzled paths.

Normally, the easiest and most possible/feasible of all paths are any of those long, curly and puzzled ones, because there is always something, how to say it, something that proves the straight path is not best one, after employing common sense.

There will be always a big obstacle in the straight path. If that big obstacle is not present, then either the point to which you could arrive does not worth too much, or you have passed the obstacle without noticing it. "Measure your success with the sacrifices you did to achieve it."

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


There are people who conform with so little things.
There are people who conform with two or three things.
But there are people who conform with so many things!!

One can conform with a laptop, but another needs a Ferrari to be conform! I think that, in part, is the challenge that represents that something for oneself that determines the level of conformism that the thing in cuestion provides. Another part could be the desire for that thing, because many people want to have, even if they don't use it at all.

What do you thing about conformism?

Women were created for recieving, anyway

Sorry for thinking women are witches sometimes. It happens because my silliness of forgetting that women were created for recieving. For example: they recieve life.

"There are no bad woman, but not enough money for them."

Think about it. It is difficult to date a woman two or three times without spending something. It is also easier to find a woman if you spend too much. They tend to be near of men who spend much money and they like the "details" too much.

You could be ugly, but it does not matter if you have money. You could feel love for her, but if you don't spend money, she even say something about it.

Also, you must be psychic with her. You must guess what they think and want, and the worse part: they do not like to help you with that guess. Why they are so?

To inspire yourself

Is not to do mental analysis about your life and take them as a game or momentary thought; instead, take them as something capable to inspire and focus yourself on a better goal.

It is very common for us to change goals, objectives and points of view. It is because we try to get better when time passes. But being better also means you have to change some of the things you are actually doing, or the way you think about events that occur in your life.

Take your reflections as auto-inspiration! But don't forget to check the goodness and correctness of them.

God Embarrass

God Embarrass. To live with the elbow of someone on your own ribs. Is difficult to find people who take good care about your things, and more difficult is to find people who fix them. Everybody wants to take advantage of you.

I know that the way of doing of the people is not God's fault, but because of his Design: to keep people living in the mud and not eternally, because they die. Some people have changed the world because they were related to influential ($) people in the world, because money is needed to spread the message of change all over the world. So, the work for us should be to get those relations, able to spread our message, but... in exchange, "They want profit!!"

Filth, mud and mire all over the world. How can this design be changed? Greed, Envy and Wish of Power will always exists here.

Forget About God

The best one can do as a human being on earth is to forget the existence of God. Either put order or be part of the disorder.

It is frustrating when one sees all these wars, robbery, lies, double morals, politics, crippled technology because of the monetary system, diseases, broken wishes, aging, etc.

They say "only God can save us", but it is YOU who have to make the choice. God had never appeared recently in front of anybody. Well, some books say He had appeared, but it approximately two thousand years ago.

Ok. I agree that the Universe was not created by itself, but I don't understand completely why it was done this way. I was taught the mantra "God, please help me!", but you must keep your eyes open to catch the opportunities that arise. "God" won't catch them for you.

Because of this mantra, I agree with a saying from a Saint called Agustin. That saying looks something like: "Pray like everything in the universe depends on God. Work like everything depends on YOU".

Maybe that mantra elevates us to a higher state of our mind, as yogis do....

Monkey Hero

Maybe the experiment of the five monkeys and the bananas was for finding the hero.

There is a is story of an experiment with five monkeys. They were kept in a cage, and, in the top of a jail, there is a bunch of bananas. When a monkey tried to reach a bananas, the scientists throwed at them loads of cold water.

After some time, when a monkey tried to grab a banana, the other monkeys started to hit him.

The scientists then replaced one of the monkeys. Then, this monkey tried to grab a banana, and the other monkeys started to hit him.

Then, the scientists replaced another one of the monkeys, and it tried to reach a banana, but the other monkeys started to hit him again... "even the first replaced monkey hitted the second replaced one".

Then, with this pattern, the scientists replaced all of the five veteran monkeys, leaving only 5 new monkeys. These new five monkeys had never received a load of cold water, nevertheless, they didn't try to reach one banana of the bunch in top of the cage.

Why were they so? Maybe their answer could be "Here, things are that way."

Tetris for Ideas?

Possibly Tetris was created by his inventor in order to develop a method for organizing his ideas.

I think is possible that some games increase some of our psyque abilities unconciously. Scribble, Puzzles, Real Time Strategy, Snipper Games, Car Games... they can help in dominating some aspects of ourselves, or they were created for helping to get that control.

I am thinking about creating a very minimalist game that possesses one or two essential characteristics of Real Time Strategy genre. Some games closer to my idea are Lionga Galaxy and NanoWar, the latter being easier and has fifteen levels. Feel free to find it in internet :P


This is a list of things I think will help me increase my productivity. Maybe this list needs some polishment.

Focus: not allowing any distractions from what I am doing.
Debugging: trying to reduce the time I spend on debugging and being more sure about my lines.
Objectives: not filling my mind with unneccesary features that are not needed.
Music: for relaxing and/or motivating me. Putting me into movement/action.
Seat: for feeling comfortable while working.
Review: for finding mistakes and redefining objectives.
Appeal to work: you should feel attracted to work. Try to optimize the way you feed your appetite for working.

Remember, even if you are on a tedious job, to try to calm. Improve your calmness in every moment of your job.

Three months is an acceptable deadline for many small projects.

Internet Cake

The internet is like a big cake, from which you should only take a very small daily piece.

I was deeply touched by Spirited Away, and way too much by Princess Mononoke, by Hayao Miyazaki. I liked too much the way he shows the realities of our world and mix them with fictional and wonderful stories. I was so moved, that I want to know everything about all of his films...

The latter paragraph is so real but... have you noted my keen appetite for Miyazaki's films?

The internet is a really good thing, but if you take it slowly, it can make you obsessed. It is uncomfortable to stop reading about things you like, but you should do it, from time to time.

You will need some rest before work, because when you really need to be focused, your mind will feel tired more quickly.

God: not more, not less.

God only gives you what you need. Not more, not less.

Please analyze all the problems you have resolved in your life, the ones which made you ask to God for help, and think about the way you resolved them. If you repeat this analysis with other problems that you have encountered, you will find that the problem, your petition to God, the solution, and your own self have some relations between them. Sometimes the solution appeared "magically"; sometimes the solution was not easy enough, but after you resolved it, you prompted something you need to learn or improve about yourself.

I am talking about the problems, not about the wishes and vanities.

He may give you anything you wish if He believes you will "learn a lesson" from it. But, normally, he would not help you in the way you want, but in the way He thinks is the best for you to learn something about your life.

Think in problem-solving ideas

When you think about a problem, think about several ideas to resolve it too; then, restart by rejecting all the unnecessary or useless ideas: like purifying a metal (or solution)

Never completely reject an idea, because you do not know when that idea could be feasible, because the idea that looks incredible and/or stupid today, may be a very important one in the future.

Albert Einstein, Julio Verne, Vonn Neumann, and some others had ideas that I can bet they seemed somewhat stupid, but proven to be important later, after some time.

Pick up the ideas that makes the more sense to you, even if they are ridiculed by some people. But remember: the idea you choose should be possible, probable and feasible. Do not waste your time if you know that you do not have the resources to make your idea happen.

See Alternatives

Speed? Alternatives? Alternatives in an X discipline? No! Learn to see alternatives in any discipline.

I have never thought that this simple advice would be both, so difficult and necessary for all the human beings.

Speed or Adaptability? What a choice!! Is difficult to keep both perfectly. I always try hard for being faster, but I feel that something in my life stops me from being fast. About the adaptability, I try to be adaptable, only to end tying myself with a knot bigger than the one I wanted to be adaptable.

The only consolation I have is a title of a song: Take your time. It is sad, but is the only thing I feel I can do: accept my limitations and try to work and live with them, as the Inspiring Nick Vujicic does. He can swim!! I don't know how to swim!!

Work. Work. Work because you want a better and brighter future for your world.

Nobles Help

Braveheart: A valiant and strong man realized that he needs the help of nobles to achieve his dream of liberty.

Big dreams need big efforts. Wonderful and marvelous dreams need wonderful and marvelous efforts. The most wonderful effort that may exist in the universe is the effort made by a large group of people in order to achieve a dream. 7 Wonders, Independences, etc. Those wonderful facts, although being done by a large crowd, that crowd needed a leader, someone with vision and with the ability to guide people.

Is sad to see the underworld in what we are leaving because of those nobles. They does not guide us to achieve wonderful and marvelous things, but keeping up slaved in a easily-corruptible monetary system.

Is difficult for me to learn to be a noble, and at the same time living a life as "slave". I know it could be better, but I don't know how to change the entire world. The only thing I can try is to change myself in this short life.

I think I will lose my lovely world before learning some wonderful things, but with my actual and limited intellect, there is no much I can do.

Acknowledgment -> Happiness

Is not good to boast of oneself, but being acknowledged by someone you what, makes one feel so good, that the least we feel is happiness.

You will feel accepted. You will feel you have got new friends. It feels great to know that someone who you estimate, also estimate you back!!

Sometimes we withstand being ignored by them for a long time. It feels like hunger. You want to eat a bite of that cake called acknowledgment, and, after you taste it, you forget all the times you said: "I am alone.", "I have no friends", "I am invisible".

But remember: although acknowledgment restores the happiness and vision of life, it is not the end of it. Try to focus that happiness in whichever your next step is. Pour that happiness into making your dreams come true.

Secrets... About me?

What to do about this ??? Somebody says to someone something you can not hear, while seeing at you, and you feel they may have been talking about you. Maybe is not something bad about you, but it makes you feel upset anyway.

The only thing I have found to counter that feeling is to quit the place in where you are. But, what if you can't? What should I do? Digest that feeling into the deep of your heart? What if you want to feel acceptance from that somebody? It is like seeing something you want everyday , but you can't have.

If you can't leave the place, then... remember your objectives in your life!!! You have other goals. Even if you can't achieve his/her acceptance, you have another objectives: Economical, Professional, Physical, etc. "Don't leave that failure to spoil your other goals, at any cost!!"