Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Forget About God

The best one can do as a human being on earth is to forget the existence of God. Either put order or be part of the disorder.

It is frustrating when one sees all these wars, robbery, lies, double morals, politics, crippled technology because of the monetary system, diseases, broken wishes, aging, etc.

They say "only God can save us", but it is YOU who have to make the choice. God had never appeared recently in front of anybody. Well, some books say He had appeared, but it approximately two thousand years ago.

Ok. I agree that the Universe was not created by itself, but I don't understand completely why it was done this way. I was taught the mantra "God, please help me!", but you must keep your eyes open to catch the opportunities that arise. "God" won't catch them for you.

Because of this mantra, I agree with a saying from a Saint called Agustin. That saying looks something like: "Pray like everything in the universe depends on God. Work like everything depends on YOU".

Maybe that mantra elevates us to a higher state of our mind, as yogis do....

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