Wednesday, April 8, 2009

God Embarrass

God Embarrass. To live with the elbow of someone on your own ribs. Is difficult to find people who take good care about your things, and more difficult is to find people who fix them. Everybody wants to take advantage of you.

I know that the way of doing of the people is not God's fault, but because of his Design: to keep people living in the mud and not eternally, because they die. Some people have changed the world because they were related to influential ($) people in the world, because money is needed to spread the message of change all over the world. So, the work for us should be to get those relations, able to spread our message, but... in exchange, "They want profit!!"

Filth, mud and mire all over the world. How can this design be changed? Greed, Envy and Wish of Power will always exists here.

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