Wednesday, April 8, 2009

See Alternatives

Speed? Alternatives? Alternatives in an X discipline? No! Learn to see alternatives in any discipline.

I have never thought that this simple advice would be both, so difficult and necessary for all the human beings.

Speed or Adaptability? What a choice!! Is difficult to keep both perfectly. I always try hard for being faster, but I feel that something in my life stops me from being fast. About the adaptability, I try to be adaptable, only to end tying myself with a knot bigger than the one I wanted to be adaptable.

The only consolation I have is a title of a song: Take your time. It is sad, but is the only thing I feel I can do: accept my limitations and try to work and live with them, as the Inspiring Nick Vujicic does. He can swim!! I don't know how to swim!!

Work. Work. Work because you want a better and brighter future for your world.

1 comment:

  1. in our lives depending on location. we adapt it so hard so we just have to take time for everything and even urinating and foaming need adaptarno the land where we are doing pees. XD rare but real ....