Wednesday, April 8, 2009


This is a list of things I think will help me increase my productivity. Maybe this list needs some polishment.

Focus: not allowing any distractions from what I am doing.
Debugging: trying to reduce the time I spend on debugging and being more sure about my lines.
Objectives: not filling my mind with unneccesary features that are not needed.
Music: for relaxing and/or motivating me. Putting me into movement/action.
Seat: for feeling comfortable while working.
Review: for finding mistakes and redefining objectives.
Appeal to work: you should feel attracted to work. Try to optimize the way you feed your appetite for working.

Remember, even if you are on a tedious job, to try to calm. Improve your calmness in every moment of your job.

Three months is an acceptable deadline for many small projects.

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