Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Secrets... About me?

What to do about this ??? Somebody says to someone something you can not hear, while seeing at you, and you feel they may have been talking about you. Maybe is not something bad about you, but it makes you feel upset anyway.

The only thing I have found to counter that feeling is to quit the place in where you are. But, what if you can't? What should I do? Digest that feeling into the deep of your heart? What if you want to feel acceptance from that somebody? It is like seeing something you want everyday , but you can't have.

If you can't leave the place, then... remember your objectives in your life!!! You have other goals. Even if you can't achieve his/her acceptance, you have another objectives: Economical, Professional, Physical, etc. "Don't leave that failure to spoil your other goals, at any cost!!"

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