Wednesday, April 8, 2009

God: not more, not less.

God only gives you what you need. Not more, not less.

Please analyze all the problems you have resolved in your life, the ones which made you ask to God for help, and think about the way you resolved them. If you repeat this analysis with other problems that you have encountered, you will find that the problem, your petition to God, the solution, and your own self have some relations between them. Sometimes the solution appeared "magically"; sometimes the solution was not easy enough, but after you resolved it, you prompted something you need to learn or improve about yourself.

I am talking about the problems, not about the wishes and vanities.

He may give you anything you wish if He believes you will "learn a lesson" from it. But, normally, he would not help you in the way you want, but in the way He thinks is the best for you to learn something about your life.

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