Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Women were created for recieving, anyway

Sorry for thinking women are witches sometimes. It happens because my silliness of forgetting that women were created for recieving. For example: they recieve life.

"There are no bad woman, but not enough money for them."

Think about it. It is difficult to date a woman two or three times without spending something. It is also easier to find a woman if you spend too much. They tend to be near of men who spend much money and they like the "details" too much.

You could be ugly, but it does not matter if you have money. You could feel love for her, but if you don't spend money, she even say something about it.

Also, you must be psychic with her. You must guess what they think and want, and the worse part: they do not like to help you with that guess. Why they are so?


  1. Well, I agree, womens are difficult sometimes, but I disagree with you in that it is difficult to date a woman two or three times without spending something. I mean, you can't go without your house without spending something, almost anywhere!

    Being with someone, be it a girl, woman, friend, your nephew, will require you to spend something.

    It is the fact that you spend too much or not what will make the difference. But that also depends on how much are you willing to spend for a woman.

  2. Then you are in the group of Casanovas. You could be more good-looking than me. So it could explain your advantage of dating women two or three times for free.

    If you go out you spend money, but with a woman, you need to spend more if you are interested in her. Maybe more than with anybody else.

    Ok. It also depends on the woman itself, but you should need to be prepaired. ;-)