Sunday, November 22, 2009

Movements Vs. Feelings?

Feelings make our body react in any specific way.

Why not trying the inverse? To infuse feelings by making some motions with our body?

Tony Robbins said: "Emotion is created by motion." It should be really fun to be able to generated any kind of feelings we need to motivate ourselves only by doing whatever silly movement we normally do when we are on that state.

For example, what things do you normally do when you got excited? or happy? or with a lot of courage and energy? Try to describe those movements. Then, try to reproduce them all. It could be even possible to find new moves that you could associate with your emotion. Some examples are singing, exercising, rithmic or dancing moves. You could even try with breathing or facial gestures.

It seems good enough, but it could be falsifying real emotions. I think we could even adapt to those movements and not recieving an emotional boost. But atoms could also be an illusion, then we live surrounded by illusions anyway.

Francis Edward Smedley said: "All's fair in love and war." My war is against feelings. I want to fully dominate them. To make them as my slaves. Could it be possible, or probable?

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